Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Featured On: DailyBuzz Style

Hi Friends! I think I was still in my Palm Springs/Cinco De Mayo/Derby haze yesterday (until I hit the work parking lot at 9 am) and forgot to post! I also got lost in photos of yesterday's Met Gala looks (more on that to come) last night. So I thought I would share the latest feature for BAD! So excited that DailyBuzz Style picked me for their top 9 bloggers on May 2nd. The topic - Spring Essentials - Espadrilles! Click here to see the post they chose and the other fab 8 who shared their love of wedges.

P.S. today is the last day to enter my giveaway with Poppin'! Hurry - you still have time!!

image via DailyBuzz Style


  1. This is pretty cool, congrats!! By the way Your blog is really cool, full of colors and inspirations, very refreshing <3
    A hug from France!

  2. CONGRATS!! I just joined Daily Buzz and need to check it out! How cool to be featured


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