Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend [photos]

Happy Monday loveys!! How was your weekend?! Mine was so incredibly fabulous! We had a packed schedule, gorgeous weather and a special celebration! Since Instagram finally introduced a version of the app for Android - I've been snapping pics non stop!

We take birthdays very seriously in our department! We showered our boss with cupcakes from my favorite bakery, Yummy Cupcakes, and a GORGEOUS arrangement of flowers.

Saturday afternoon the hubs and I had a fun date night that started out at Copa D'Oro with happy hour! They had a fully stocked bar which provided delish cocktails & I shot a sneak peek of my latest outfit post. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for more pics!

We got up early on Sunday for an amazing Easter Sunrise Service. The moon was still out when we arrived at the beach - it was breathtaking and amazingly overwhelming. What a special gift He gave us!

Sunday afternoon prompted a long stroll around our neighborhood - I can't wait for summer!

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  1. Can't wait to see the latest outfit post! Loving the sneak peek!! Also started following you on instagram (hautechild). Totally obsessed with that app!! Enjoy!

  2. Sunrise Easter service?? So jealous, that must have been amazing!


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