Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poll: Lusting After Dyed Hair Tips

Lauren Conrad

I've been loving colored hair as of late... I bought some Jessica Simpson pink extensions to use on a fun night out (that I've actually yet to use...) and in college I had the urge to go pink after seeing my hair stylist do it. But after Lauren Conrad posted this poll on her website and then actually did it (pic above) I can't stop thinking about dyed tips! I'm not usually one to go all crazy on my hair but after I tried ombré hair in January I'm feeling more adventurous... But part of the problem is a) I'm not a blond and b) I have a few weddings to go to this fall so now really isn't the time to take the plunge (especially since one of them is my BFF and I'm in the wedding) I'm sure at the end of summer this trend will pass us by... but for now at least I can dream about it!

Gwen Stefani and Rachel McAdams have both gone pink before

And you'll remember we saw Carrie Underwood go pink in April during her ACM performance Plus I still have my JSimp extensions - if I ever get around to using them. What do you guys think? Have you ever done a crazy color in your hair? Loved it... Hated it? I want to know!

UPDATE: as if TBD and I weren't already on the same wavelength - they just now posted this tutorial on tip dyeing... man I soooo want to do this!!!

1st image via The Beauty Department, 2nd image via Marie Claire, 3rd image via Zimbio

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