Friday, July 22, 2011

Look Of The Day: Giuliana Rancic on Chelsea Lately

{Warning!: Ok this post is slightly embarrassing and it's only because I literally scoured the internet all day yesterday and was unable to find ANY photos. So I had to do a little improvisation!}

I'm totally obsessed with all things Guiliana and Bill Rancic. I think it started when I watched their wedding special on Style Network in 2007. I was already familiar with Guiliana {read about that here} from E! News but her and hubby were so cute as they prepared for their big day! Now I get ridiculously excited whenever a new season of Giuliana & Bill starts. So excited that I often watch the show in "real time" instead of DVR - so you know that means it's serious! Anyways the couple was on the Chelsea Lately show Wednesday night to promote the new episodes that started this week! And Giuliana is wearing my favorite Go-To outfit! Black blazer, cute top, dark skinnies and SPARKLY shoes (specifically Giuseppe Zanotti. Not sure the exact pair just yet..) This is probably one of my favorite ensemble combos ever. Here's why:

1: Almost every gal has these options in her closet
2: It's one of those outfits that will look great on everyone
3: Your shoes become the stand out piece/focus

Ladies if you need a date-night break from dresses, I vote for you to try this out next time. I guarantee that your guy will love it! Now you may not have glittery shoes per se (Me? I've got 3 pairs) but I'm sure you've got one funky pair of heels stashed in you collection somewhere. They might be bright neon colors or perhaps have a pattern or studs. Either way make sure they make a statement and add them with simple neutral pieces for a fabulous look. Another tip: try a dark wash jean in a skinny style if you don't have black ones. But just in case you might not have stepped over to the glitter-side, you could also make this an amazing DIY - super simple too! Just grab some plain shoes, craft glue and tons of glitter and you're set!

We've got dinner plans tonight and tomorrow with friends so I'm bound to throw this outfit on at least once this weekend. I'll try and snap some photos for you. In the mean time watch the video below for their appearance so you can see the glisten for yourself! Have a wonderful weekend loves!

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  1. I love Giuliana and Bill! The shoes are adorable, I such a cute look. I'm also digging Chelsea's red pants.


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