Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outfit Post: My First One!

As I write this I am so extremely nervous about posting it! But I figure since I give so much advice about styling and ideas for outfits that I should really own up to my own words and show you readers what I wear... So here's my first real outfit post for BAD!

I have been dreaming of this Jil Sander look ever since I saw it go down the runway last fall. I loved the hot pink skirt [and lips]. Pairing it with a white tee was genius. I was determined to recreate this look but put my own little spin on it. And so here it is:

Skirt: Zara, White Tee: Target, Belt: Express Bag: Deux Lux, Jewelry - Watch: ASOS, Bangles: Express, Forever21, H&M, SillyBandz, Necklaces: My Own, Forever21, Lips: CoverGirl Spellbound

I know that the lighting isn't the greatest. We've been having terrible June Gloom [more than usual] weather lately and I'm using my small digital camera. I looooovvve this skirt. It was a one size fits all so until I can get it hemmed and taken in I need to wear a belt to keep it up :) I'm participating in the Bloggers Do It Better series and this week's challenge is "Neons & Neutrals" I tried to keep the rest of the look in the neutral area so that the skirt could stand out. But I had to add a little sparkle with my Express elastic belt :) I'm also wearing my favorite Sole Society wedges - The Libby

A "Stacked Arm" - My favorite new way to wear accessories

What do you guys think of my look? As nervous as I am to start outfit posts, I am excited to be challenged by the BDIB series and hopefully I will get used to snapping and posting pictures. Stay tuned for more looks and I hope that you feel inspired to switch up your wardrobe! xoxo!


  1. Love it! You wear it well...the belt makes everything pop!! Great look Nikki!!

  2. I love it! I want to get some of the pink lipstick for Vegas this weekend!!!

  3. You look great girly! I love the pic of you holding the skirt out. :)
    P.S. I would still love the link to where you got the rose gold watch. :) Muah!

  4. Wow Thank you guys for the sweet comments!

    @Whit Get the CoverGirl Color in Spellbound - it's amazing and I wore it last time I was in Vegas

    @E - I thought I sent it to you! You can click the link above in my list of items but I will re-email it to you :)

  5. Nik you look great!! Love it!

  6. I'm coming over to get the belt. Leave it outside the door! You did great on your first post. Love the close-up of the accessories. I did something similar. I think people enjoy seeing the details up close!

    See how a Slightly Vintage Woman wears the Neon+Neutral look:

  7. You look so lovely! I'm totally diggin' your shoes.


  8. i was waiting for someone to post a maxi skirt! I love your outfit!

  9. Thank you guys so much!! :) I love all your comments! xoxo

  10. Congrats on the first outfit post- you look great!

  11. Beautifully put together! That skirt combined with the belt is pure genius!

  12. Nik, im soooo proud of you. i love your blog and this outfit is insanely perfect!!! im gonna copy, lol!! keep it coming girl ur my style fairy. haha :) love and miss u.

    -- D


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