Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Obession: JewelMint Jewelry Line by Kate Bosworth

Lately Liz from my work has been coming in wearing exceptional pieces of jewelry. Funky necklaces and cool earrings. I was shocked with each new piece she donned. "Where did you get that?" I asked. "JewelMint!" She exclaimed. "You have to join!" Now I know what you're thinking... Another membership club... And I think the same thing too whenever I see these pop up. So far I've only joined Sole Society and I have obviously been extremely thrilled with them. But I've been a bit skeptical of the other membership clubs. Until now.

JewelMint is a jewelry club with a line that is designed and created by Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter. Joining is completely free. First you take a style quiz and based on those answers jewelry fills your "showroom" each month that is personally tailored to your taste. For just $29.99 per month you get one piece of jewelry and a styling guide on how to wear it. Don't like any of the selections or want to save money that month? No problem - just skip with no additional fees. And you're not limited to buy only piece [as I've already seen with Liz!] Like I said it's free to sign up and you only get charged the $29.99 when you decide you want to start the membership. I joined last week and already made my first purchase that I wanted to share with you! First - here is my style bio:

so perfect for me!
There were many pieces that I loved in my showroom but I ended up going with the Nicolas Necklace and I am so thrilled I did! And I promise it's not just based on the name ;) I love jewelry that is a little unusual and different from other people have. This necklace is absolutely perfect for that!

Love the packaging that it came in! Both shipping and gift box!

Here it is! My Nicolas Necklace!
So it's obviously a little funky but I love it! It was inspired by a pair of shoes seen on the Balenciaga runway and children's building blocks. The colors are gorgeous pastels and it's definitely a stand out piece. I'm taking it with me to Palm Springs this weekend and can't wait to wear it!

So for 30 bucks a month I get a great, unusal piece that's different and unique. And they have many options to choose from. Plus Liz said it best "I pick pieces that I might not normally get" So if you guys want to join JewelMint and maybe try something new - I highly suggest you do! I love it so far and I've already picked out my piece for June and can't wait for it to arrive! Click here to sign up. Happy Thursday lovelies!!

1st image via JewelMint

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