Monday, May 2, 2011

Guest Blogger: Double Coat Mochachino with Room for Glitter

While I am gone on my trip I'll have several guest bloggers writing for Bedazzles After Dark. I love reading their blogs and I wanted to introduce them to my readers! Meet Katy. She is co-contributor of  The GLOSSary (with Nicole) A full blown site dedicated to the obsession of nail polish. Katy loves her "neutral wardrobe" but never misses a chance to add a pop of color with her nails. I love seeing her wear Black on Black and a flash of green or blue when carrying her Starbucks cup in hand. I knew she would write something fabulous seeing as she has more bottles of polish than me (who knew?!) So let's see what Katy has in store for you lovelies.....

When Nikki asked me to be a guest blogger for Bedazzles After Dark while she enjoys her much needed Italian vacation, I started to rack my brain for a way to connect The GLOSSary (my nail polish blog with Nicole) and the glitz and glitter that Nikki brings to all of you. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best – so glitter nail polish it is.  And even though it is great to glitter after dark, I also enjoy a healthy dose of daytime dazzle. Enter Essie's Mochachino, which I bought weeks ago, but have yet to try because of all the bright and bold lacquer shades for spring. Mochachino is a break from the "notice me" hues I've been sporting, but amazing nonetheless.

Essie's Mochachino Nail PolishChanneling Nikki's Italian Vacation and my next coffee break with Mochachino

Here's what I am loving about it… First, the name. Even though I don't drink Mochachinos (I'm more of a Venti Americano type of girl), I am a full-blown caffeine addict, so I am clearly in support of all coffee, coffee-related substances and coffee-inspired names. Second, choosing this Essie hue is an homage to Nikki's Italian vacay (Italian espresso is epic… yum!) and her love for glitz. Third, I love a neutral, goes-with-everything polish and Mochachino adds the perfect touch of sparkle to this taupe color.  I have to note, though, that this shade is on the greige side of taupe, rather than the brown side –not exactly what you would expect from the name, but delightful, dazzling and decadent just the same. With a balance of simple shimmer and subtle color, Mochachino has an everyday and every-occasion-appropriate finish, which is sure to give it a much-loved position in my polish collection (numbered at 60 right now… yes, I just counted!)

Essie's Clambake - A Perfect Red/Orange Combo

Essie Coat Azure - Bright BlueBright and bold Essie shades Clambake and Coat Azure have graced my nails in previous weeks.  Continue to mix it up from week to week with vibrant and subtle shades.

Are you going bright and bold or neutral for spring? Hope it's a little bit of both! Happy glossing! - km

You can read more about Katy's bold nail choices on The GLOSSary or tweet at her here [@MiniMissMason]

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  1. It's definitely a little bit a both for me.. one week lavender, the next OPI Needs Sunglasses, to OPI So Hot It Berns, etc etc. Nail polish is one of my favorite "accessories".


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