Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things Are Fall-ing Into Place

Hi loveys! Sorry that it has been few and far blog posts lately... I went on a mini vacay and then had a week full of exciting things going on which was amazing and distracting all at the same time! Does it always seem to you that with the change of seasons also comes changes within our lives? It may sound silly but I can't help making this connection. I noticed that with the start of summer I got a new job, starting remembering why I love to write and honestly felt a shift in my universe. These past few weeks leading up to the beginning of fall I have been amazingly exposed - to myself. I think each person has issues or things in our lives that we are aware of but that we don't deal with. We just push it aside, refile to the back of our brains or just pretend that we have forgotten about it all together. All the while it's bubbling up inside us just dying to get to the surface.

Over the past 30 days I have really been struggling with several of these issues and finally decided to lay them all out on the table. I holed myself up in our apartment, stopped returning phone calls or venturing out to spend times with friends. I really needed this time to re-evaluate my life, the direction I was going and what was best for my family (although only consisting of the hubs and Jacky - our dog - they're still the two most important things in my life!) I can't tell you how satisfying it is to work through something and come out on the other side. What began as a huge struggle for me - ended so perfectly with a mini-vacay to visit relatives in Georgia. I was able to solidify so many of those issues and get a grasp on them rather than letting them float aimlessly around my world. I finally have wrestled these inner beasts and come out of the darkness with a clear head and much better attitude. Making these major decisions are never easy - but it was what I felt was necessary for my life. I now know that I can venture back into my marriage, my work, friendships and everyday life knowing that I'm at peace with where I am and in a better state of mind.

In light of this awareness there have been so many things unfolding in my life and I can't wait to share all the goodness that has been happening.. but I can't let you know all the details just yet. I can tell you that I am so excited about the direction my path and this blog is going! I have been flooded with emails and messages lately from users both On Sugar and from Facebook who have been so amazingly supportive and I cannot thank you enough for your words! It's so encouraging to hear the comments you give and ideas you have as well! One of these messages has actually turned into an exciting part of the blog that I can now launch! :)

I have always been interested in styling and as of late it's just been family members, friends and a few photo shoots here and there. Recently I received a message a few weeks ago from someone who was asking me for some clothing options for the upcoming cooler months. I always get requests or messages like this and I thought - Why not start an "Ask Bedazzles" section. So ta-da! A brilliant idea is born. I have inserted a page above with an email address where you can send any and all questions to me that can be featured on this blog! Have an amazing date night dress but need some killer accessories? Send me the photo and I'll throw some ideas your way. Do you need help packing for an upcoming trip? Let me know and I will be sure to pick out some travel essentials for you. The possibilities are endless! I am so excited to have yet another connection with my readers and to share some of my ideas! So be on the lookout for an upcoming post where I will answer my first question!

Have a wonderful day! xoxo

image via Sarah.Wandering

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