Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lela Rose Spring 2011 RTW

Lela Rose put out an absolutely amazing collection on Sunday. I fell in love with her designs a few years ago when I first heard about her inexpensive shoe line for Payless. We met. We fell in love. And I adore her designs from a far when seeing them at Bergdorf or Neiman as I am not quite up there in the money department. But someday I can buy Lela Rose until my heart is content. And when you see this collection - you will see how one can be obsessed with her designs. I adored her Fall/Winter collection in February with designs based off of pictures from the Hubble Telescope. This year Rose said she wanted to marry Old World (history) with New World (ideas) using Lima as her inspiration - A city that "is two societies.... coming together." Rose used a bold color palette with splashes of brightness and her usual tailored dresses were replaced with flowing full skirts, loose fitting separates, and cotton jackets. Gorgeous textured side braids and coral lips topped off the already fabulous looks. Even though fall is just arriving - I am already so pumped about next Spring.

This teal dress is a fantastic play on the cutout trend - it's super sexy and classy. Instead of traditional cutouts, Rose used lace - and it's a great choice. Also - I couldn't resist choosing this sunny cute frock - I even love the little peek-a-boo on the shoulder.

o.m.g. This orange dress is killing it. How gorgeous is that color? And the massive tribal inspired necklace is a perfect addition. The unkemptness of the full ruffle skirt with a loose fitting tank is devine. I like when opposite styles come together like this pairing of a tank with a couture skirt - one of my favorite styling techniques!

Layered tribal necklaces - check. hot pink dress - check. A fantastic mix between boho/girly - check! I love this long maxi too - looks like long dresses will still be in for another season! The embellishments keep the style in between casual maxi and evening wear.

images via Zimbio


  1. Um, I'm pretty sure I've been wearing my hair in braids like that for the past five years. Am I a trendsetter? Probably not. We'll have to see if wife beaters and jeans make any runway shows.

  2. Amy - you're so fashion forward and you don't even know it :)

  3. The fabric on the orange and pink dress is to DIE for!


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