Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion's Night Out: Not Just NYC Anymore!


The beginning of fashion week also marks one of the biggest parties of the Fashion World - Fashion's Night Out. Put on by CFDA, this event is usually held at different locations all over NYC (of course!). It's a fun night merrying the celebration of fashion and shopping together. There's music, shopping, makeovers/tutorials, drinks and food from the hours of 6pm - 10pm. This year marks an exciting year for FNO. Why? Because FNO is going global! Now fashion lovers all over the US and the world no longer have to admire this party from photos and video - we actually get to experience it! With this year being the first that LA is participating in there are so many options of place to go to - Beverly Hills, Culver City, Hollywood, Santa Monica... the list goes on. I will be headed to Venice and Abbot Kinney Road tonight where I am sure to find a fantastic mix of fashion lovers and boehmien hipsters. I cannot wait! I'll be taking lots of photos, drinking lots of drinks and enjoying a night out with my husband (and perhaps buying a few items...) I know I have readers in lots of areas so let's check out a few cities where you can attend this fabulous event:

Raleigh: Unfortunately there is only one option for my hometown - but it's ensured to be a fun one! Sak's Fifth Avenue at Triangle Town Center has promised an exciting night with a Rock-n-Roll theme including a preformance by an amazing blues rock band. Click here to get more info from N&O
San Diego: My BFFs who live here better go out tonight and have a cocktail for me! Drive down to Friar's Road to get your fashion fix.
Charleston: A city that I love! If you live close by head over to Cynthia Rowley off King Street downtown for fun and makeovers by Trish McEvoy
Miami: home to Magic City and my friend Tasha! Click over onto Daily Candyfor the full lowdown on which stores will be participating and what fun things they have to offer (including an afterparty! After all.. it is Miami
Washington D.C.: Two fabulous friends live in this area and I hope they take advantage of the many stores (Betsey Johnson, Neiman Marcus & Ralph Lauren just to name a few) staying open late tonight. M Street and Wisconsin Street is place to be in D.C.!
Lexington:I couldn't forget the bluegrass state! The amazing organization Lexington Fashion Collaborative is dedicated to pursing the growing Lexington fashion scene. If you haven't heard of them - check out their facebook page. They have teamed up with many boutiques in the area who will be a part of FNO and they have promised a killer afterparty at Baker's - come one, come fashionable! Click here to view more info and to get a list of places to visit.

You can view the full list of global participants at Fashion's Night Out website here. If you do head out tonight for FNO - send me some photos of you having fun! I know I will be sharing mine a little later! If you aren't sure if you should go - Yes, you should! Grab some girlfriends, your wallet and your highest pair of heels. Tonight is about celebration, champagne, fashion and fun. Whatever you do tonight - have fun! xoxo

image via Lady Lux

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