Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Tried It: Brazilian Blowout

Today marks the day of my 24th year in existence. For 24 years - I have had the curliest hair you have ever seen. Ok maybe not the curliest you ever seen, but it is definitely full on ringlet-city. So in honor of my birthday I decide to finally do something I have been dying to try ever since I read about it last year on Nicole Richie's blog. Brazilian Blowout. For those of you who haven't heard of this - it's basically a semi-relaxer. As a professional smoothing treatment the Brazilian Blowout uses keratin protein to seal in the frizz. This means that us curly haired gals can give ourselves salon blowouts for up to 12 weeks in less than half the time it usually would take. This treatment is so great because it gradually wears out and there is no damage to hair like Japanese straightening. In fact it makes your hair healthier. It also means FRIZZ FREE hair - which is pretty major! Now I am usually all about testing out the latest trends, newest products and beauty treatments. However when it comes to my hair - I am a bit fat baby about it. I'm that girl who goes to the salon and says "a quarter inch off please". So I was pretty nervous about trying it! My girlfriend Vanessa had it done in May and ended up falling in love with it. So after many questions (Sorry V!) I decided to take the plunge. First let me show you some before pictures. :)


Both of these photos were taken last week. As you can see my hair is pretty long and extremely thick. On the left is obviously my natural texture - air dried. On the right is a very quick blow dry and fast flat iron - Probably took about 1/2 hour but it's obviously not a good blow out. My hair was already air dried so i just took the dryer and straightened it a bit and then ran a flat iron through it. I can get it smoother than this - but it usually takes forever. I mean we are talking 70+ minutes of heat between the hair dryer and then the flat iron. So I was pretty excited about the thought of my hair basically being styled and finished in 1/2 the time or less. So I found a new salon in Venice called Studio Noi. Mar (the stylist) was running a special and I just couldn't turn it down. I had read great things about her on Yelp and Facebook - so I took the plunge and went in on Sunday. And boy was I soooooo glad I did! Mar is absolutely amazing at what she does. I knew I was in good hands when I walked in and she was rocking 4 inch heels and the raddest tattoo. She really listened to me about my haircut, told me what would be the best cut for me and answered all my questions about the BB treatment. Let's talk about the haircut first - Ah-mazing. Probably the best I have had in a very long time. Then Mar began the Brazilian Blowout! She coated my hair with the keratin protein, then blew dry on high high heat. Next she used a special flat iron to "seal in" the treatment (and the frizz as I like to think of it) After 90 minutes, I was ready to go! I walked out of the salon in the best mood ever. Now for the After photos.... are you ready?!?!


Amazing right?! Check out the cut first off - Mar is fabulous!! And obviously my hair is stick straight. Now granted, a salon blowout is always better than what you can do with your own two hands. So I finally washed my hair and blow dried it myself. Results: Stick straight hair in 20 minutes - I kid you not. Photo proof?

I know I am not a model people so focus on the hair! This took TWENTY minutes - seriously?!? and I didn't even have to flat iron. I was literally in shock. As I was drying my hair it was looking like this. Wow. I can't wait to see what my hair will look like when it's natural and frizz free (I'm praying for boho waves) So everyone who says the BB changes their lives - well at least in the hair world - it definitely changed mine!!! I am fully obsessed and am already planning out my budget as to when I can do it again. So for all you guys emailing and facebooking me about photos: Are you impressed? What do you think of the results?! Are you ready to go Brazilian. ;) Let me know please!! I am dying to hear. Oh and if you are looking for a place in the LA area to get it done - go to Mar! You won't be disappointed! I promise! xoxo!

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