Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Posts will be short and sweet this week... if any! Billy and I are moving to Marina Del Rey - about 10 miles south of where we are now. We are soooooo excited but we signed the lease on Saturday and we are starting to move in THIS Thursday... needless to say things are insane and crazy. I'm so happy because we will be around more stuff (where we live now is ah-mazing but very homey/small town) and we are literally one block from the beach (here we are a mile - but now in the Marina we can walk!!) I did want to share with you a photo of our new home:

Pretty right?!? Can't wait to keep you all updated on how things are going..!

I also am working on a photoshoot on Thursday as a wardrobe assistant! I am soooo excited and will be sure to post about that as soon as I can! :) xoxo

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