Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello To The Blog World!

Wow... my first post as an official blogger! I've been blogging for one of my jobs lately and so far I have loved it - so I thought it would be great to use this for own creative outlet - to share my thoughts on fashion, life, food (yes food!) and just to get back to one of my favorite things - writing! :)

So a few quick notes about my life to bring you up to speed - I got married in June 2008. Being married is fantastic and difficult all at the same time. :) We lived in Charlotte where we weren't really loving it. So we took a chance and we moved out here to Los Angeles in April 2009. While it has definitely been challenging and we've had our fair share of obstacles, I am loving living out here! What's not to love? You have the ocean, the mountains, wonderful friends, amazing food, and of course, F-A-S-H-I-O-N!

I've always enjoyed clothes, accessories, playing with hair and makeup - but I have to give a big ol' shoutout to my wonderful roommate during college - Haley. She really forced me to begin loving putting outfits together and branching out. Hay showed me that shopping and clothes can be A LOT of fun. :) So coming out here to L.A. I just knew that I had to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered. I've been working in a boutique which has really helped advance my skills of styling. In a small, non-corporate store you learn real fast how to put outfits together because you are actually doing it all day. No head honcho picking out outfits and faxing the options to you. I'll admit I definitely wasn't the best at it at first but I feel much more comfortable with it now. I can see growth and progress but I'm still not perfect at it yet. Maybe I never will be!

So I'm doing the boutique thing, I have an internship for a new clothing line amazing stuff - check it out ASAP - Fred Segal just placed an order! Yay!) I have just landed a job helping out a company who makes my dream headpieces - If you know me, then you know I love a good head band with lots of feathers, flowers, rhinestones and perhaps a veil :) so they make stuff that just kkkkiiiilllllssss me - oh so gorgeous. Check them out: I also have a few other side things going on so it's safe to say I am a busy lady! :) but I'm excited about all the things happening in my life and all the opportunities I am experiencing. So I am inviting you along for the ride! :) xoxo

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